TEMPLA  Presentation

TEMPLA is a permanent workshop of Medieval Studies composed of specialists from universities, museums and archives from different parts of Spain, Europe and in particular Catalonia. The members of this team share common interests as well as complementary areas of expertise. 

The impact of its research and interactions with experts from other disciplines are reflected in its specific research projects and academic activities, which in turn are disseminated in annually organised scientific meetings and resulting publications.

TEMPLA members actively seek to collaborate with different research groups and scientific institutions. They aim to facilitate exchanges among researchers and to stimulate scientific debates relating to visual programs and spatial organization from the Middle Ages. Particular attention is devoted to the liturgical influences and architectural scenery and to reflection on the social and academic status of research into Middle Ages art and culture.

TEMPLA has its headquarters in the Institut de Recerca Històrica (Section SPEPC) of the University of Girona, regardless the plural affiliation of its members.